Yesterday was sunny and beautiful with blue skies and 26 degree temperatures that the weather app said felt like 19. Luckily, that little chill in the air didn’t deter me from heading out for a walk at a local state park.

I mean, what’s a little cold when it’s such a pretty day?

The wind off the lake was frigid and it was mostly me, the Canada Geese and a few other hardy souls out soaking up as much Vitamin D as you can absorb through a hat and three layers of clothing.

If I were working from the office, I would likely be swinging by the lake after work at least some nights to squeeze in a walk. Unfortunately, in my work from home routine, it’s hard to pry me out of the house on a cold day save for feeding the birds. That’s only because they sit on their empty feeder and stare at me sitting at my desk until I do something about it.

While I didn’t cherish the thought of going out in the freezing cold, I relished every moment of my three mile walk and realized that I haven’t smiled so much in ages.

I need to do that more often.

Do more of what makes you smile, friends. I promise you won’t regret it.

7 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Our winter walks are almost entirely taking the dog for his daily outing. Not much novel about it, but it sure is nice to get out for fresh air and blue skies! Hope you’ve had a refreshing weekend.

    • This weekend was wonderful but awfully short. I alternate between spending as much time as possible outside and pure, unadulterated hibernation.

      Having a dog is a great push to get outside more.

  2. The snow is beautiful but these below zero wind chills are not my jam 🤣. I’m all about being out in the cold. Taking a walk or getting in some photography, but man it’s freezing in northern Ohio! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!

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