Old Zanesville Post Office

This grand building is the old post office in Zanesville, Ohio. An enormous Beaux Arts building, it was designed by Cleveland architect George F.Hammond and built in 1904. Stone eagles stand sentinel over an entrance framed by imposing columns.

Just one of the gorgeous light fixtures remain and vines grow up the walls but it looks sturdy. It’s sad to see it abandoned and I can’t help but dream about all the potential. I have seen other towns carve up a space like this to provide storefronts for small businesses like retail shops, art studios and cafes. It would make a terrific event center too.

This is the kind of place that keeps me looking and traveling. I was driving through and just stopped to nose around downtown Zanesville on my way home from Jamestown, New York. It was a great surprise and a fun find. I’m grateful that I had a chance to see it in its abandoned beauty.

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