Headed Home

Waiting for a flight provides ample opportunity to relax. I like to people watch and scroll social media while I decompress. Plus, when I’m leaving on an adventure, it gives me a chance to plan for the next few days and to get excited about the trip ahead.

Coming home, the airport wait helps with the transition back to reality. That’s because, at some point, I shift from not wanting my adventure to end to just wanting to be home.

I spent the last few days in Denver with my Western Adventure Pal Johnna. The flight out was ideal. We arrived early, no one sat next to me, I had plenty of leg room and everything went smooth as could be.

Coming home was terrible. First we were delayed while crews retrieved debris from the runway. Evidently, the plane ahead of us lost pieces of a tire on take off.

I really hope they didn’t need that tire.

It was hot on the plane and it was full. Plus, our descent and landing were rocky at best. We won’t even talk about how the shuttle bus line was ridiculous and things just didn’t go well.

I’ll be glad to sleep in my own bed tonight and to see my Scout who I’m told was a little angel while I was away.

Look for some stories from Denver soon.

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