The Only Da Vinci In America

The only place in America where you will find a Leonardo da Vinci painting is the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.

It is not large, measuring in at just 16.5”x 14.5” on wood. I read that it’s an early work of his and quite rare as he painted fewer than twenty oil paintings in his lifetime. Even the wealthiest American collectors can’t acquire them as European collectors have held on to these rare gems for generations. Acquiring this painting was quite an achievement for this museum.

Dating to the 1470s, it features the teenage daughter of a wealthy Florentine banker. On the reverse side is a painted wreath.

This museum has the best collection of Italian art in America and this is the most important piece in that collection. Consequently, this area of the museum was quite busy and the Da Vinci maintained a steady crowd.

Incidentally, we learned about it when I struck up a conversation with a museum employee. I always ask employees if they have a favorite thing to see and he was quick to recommend this and another piece.

The National Gallery of Art is enormous and is made up of two buildings connected underground. Learn more at their website.

5 thoughts on “The Only Da Vinci In America

    • I’m more of an Impressionists kind of girl but still stood in awe of her. My friend and I both remarked that she is reminiscent of the Mona Lisa. It’s easy to see the connection.

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