Good Help Is Hard To Find

I stayed in out of the heat Saturday and did some cleaning at home. While the house isn’t perfect, it isn’t too bad now.

Unfortunately, a newly clean house is like tempting the universe to send messes your way. For example, on Sunday morning I sullied my clean kitchen floor by knocking a box of cornstarch out of the cupboard. It tumbled onto the floor and made quite the mess.

Scout was napping in another room but was awakened by the sound and came to investigate. It was all I could do to keep him out of it and he stayed for the duration to make sure I cleaned it up right.

Look at that judgmental little face.

This look says that he clearly needs to find better live-in help. I work for him after all!

3 thoughts on “Good Help Is Hard To Find

  1. Literally laughed out loud, at Scout’s expression! How dare you waken him from his nap!
    Thanks for the “chuckle of the day”! Chris

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