The Happiest Flowers

Sometimes life gets hard and you just want to run away but can’t go far. Yesterday, I found the perfect solution to this dilemma.

I walked through a field of sunflowers. What’s more cheerful than acres and acres of sunflowers in all shapes, sizes and colors?

First I drove backroads northwest to Urbana, Ohio where Lynd Fruit Farm has a twenty acre field of gorgeous varieties of sunflowers. They also have a number of large props for picture perfect memories including an old truck, a tractor and a large chair.

But the highlights are the sunflowers. Mind you, I’m not especially fond of sunflowers – they’re pretty, happy flowers but they aren’t my favorite. Still, I was in awe of how gorgeous they looked en masse. Not to mention, I had no idea there are so many varieties of sunflowers and how different they all are.

Have you ever seen a sunflower like this?

Or this?

This one reminded me of myself- looking somewhat frazzled but still trying to be positive.

The Urbana location seems to be just the sunflowers. If you go to their Pataskala location, it sounds like there’s fresh produce and other things to see and do on site. Although, if you’re just looking for sunflowers, this was an incredible experience because it wasn’t at all busy.

The cost is eight dollars per person or twenty per carload- whatever is cheapest for you. For that price, you get admission to the property and you get to cut a sunflower to take home.

Sunflower stems are sturdier than you might think and don’t break easily because they are holding up a giant, heavy flower. They do not provide pruners and I didn’t think to take something sharp so MacGyver here managed to saw off a stem with a house key. It would be easier to take some pruners.

Want to learn more? Visit their website or find them on Facebook by searching Lynd Fruit Farm. Here you’ll find hours, event info and updates on the flowers.

Next time, I will go to Pataskala to enjoy some of the additional activities and maybe go in the early evening when the light is warmer. I was there mid morning just as the light was starting to feel harsh. Of course, as you likely know, I had other things on my agenda and wanted to hit this place before it got busy.

Check back tomorrow to hear about something else I did while in Urbana. Also, be sure to follow Make the Journey Fun on Facebook. I’ll post some more sunflowers on that page!

8 thoughts on “The Happiest Flowers

  1. I do like the sunflowers. The native ones here drop so much pollen, I have to be careful (allergies). Except for that, I would really love to wander through a whole field of them.

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