Groovy Plants Ranch

Hands down, the coolest greenhouse I’ve ever been to is Groovy Plants Ranch. It’s located near Marengo, Ohio just north of Columbus and is a fun place to wile away an afternoon.

I went for the neat props they use throughout the property but had seriously underestimated the flower selection.

Let’s start with the fun part like this sun dappled VW Beetle that was surrounded by potted ferns when I visited.

And this pretty little number!

They also use some more rustic pieces like old tractors and bikes. A restored 1956 Century Camper serves as a food truck.

Plus, there’s retail space in this 1869 schoolhouse.

And lots of fun flower pots and metal yard art.

And then there are the plants. There’s an enormous variety of things that are just a little different. Sure, you can buy a petunia but it will be a variety you won’t find in most local greenhouses and certainly not at a big box store. It will also be enormous and healthy.

Overall, they have a nice selection of perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, houseplants and succulents and I enjoyed my shopping trip immensely.

Want to go? I hope you will! Get their current hours and address, read their blog and check out some of the selection at their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

5 thoughts on “Groovy Plants Ranch

  1. i like the green house. your restoring a rememberance of dreams that hadn’t perished in any form of way. yet i pray i could make a green house one day like build one above my garage, i pray i could.

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