Classic On The Street

A long day of exploring the Wilmington and Hillsboro areas left me craving something cold. So I stopped at the DQ in Bainbridge, an old school place with a walk up window and little kids lined up for ice cream cones. I took my place in that line for a milkshake but not before whipping out my camera.

That’s because I had parked across the street from this little number. Check out the detailing in the hood. It’s a 1948 Ford Coupe.

Finding classics at a car show is great fun but it’s even better finding them unexpectedly and out on the street!

8 thoughts on “Classic On The Street

  1. Great classic car!
    I hope while you were in Bainbridge that you went to the Ancient Valley Mercantile antique shop! It’s a good one! Wish I’d known you were going to be in the area.

  2. I tend to prefer my old cars to be factory stock, but a well done old school hot rod like that is definitely a fun find. 🙂

    • I am always excited to see an old car on the road, no matter it’s condition. Maybe it’s because modern cars are so boring that I’m just thrilled to see these old characters out and about!

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