Downtown Wilmington

Saturday was spent rambling around the Wilmington and Hillsboro, Ohio area. I had a list of things to see but was delighted by all the other stuff I found along the way.

You’ll see a lot of these stories pop up here soon but there are a few specific ones I want to tell you this week.

The first of these is about downtown Wilmington. I have been through Wilmington but had never parked the car and explored. Here you’ll find a number of historic buildings that are a mixture of vacant and vibrant. There are also several impressive churches, a historic hotel, an old theater and beautiful murals.

The street lights are historic reproductions and it looks like someone will be along soon to plant flowers. It mainly felt safe, tidy and optimistic.

Here, you’ll find inspirational messages.

People are out walking, dining in restaurants and shopping the farmers market for which they close a city block.

You’ll find murals in high traffic locales and in alleyways. This one looks so realistic I almost thought it possible to open the door and enter.

Even the cat in this mural looks like it could start purring.

I shopped in an antique store that inhabits an old mill and dined at the General Denver Hotel which offered vegetarian options that didn’t involve grilled cheese or pizza. I haven’t eaten in many restaurants this last year but it wasn’t too busy and it felt perfectly comfortable. The food was excellent.

It’s a Tudor style, built in the twenties, and the kind of place I would enjoy staying. How fun would it be to get dressed up for a show at the Murphy Theater and have a nice dinner here? If you’ve stayed here, I would enjoy your review.

Expect more pictures from Wilmington soon but first we’ll visit Hillsboro tomorrow. There’s a real treasure in that town and I can’t wait to tell you about it.

9 thoughts on “Downtown Wilmington

  1. I lived in the second block of uptown when I started teaching at Clinton Massie HS. I can’t remember seeing any of these, Young and oblivious.

    • I really liked it here. Wilmington College, founded by Quakers, is just down the street and is quite lovely as well. There’s a large Carnegie Library still in use and some beautiful old homes. The old buildings look well cared for but not shiny and new like they’ve been restored. Here and there you’ll see a modern element like a door that looks out of place or some kind of decay on a downtown building but you’ll find that in any town. It’s quite nice!

  2. Fun fact: Denver, Colorado is named after General Denver…who is buried in Wilmington. The Murphy Theater was featured in the 1993 movie “Lost in Yonkers”. Nice blog.

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