Adventure Day!

The East End Cafe is in Zanesville, Ohio.

A pal asked about my weekend plans a few days ago. When I indicated that there were none, he suggested it was time to figure it out. His exact words were “we have reached a time when your weekends should all be adventures.”

Gosh, darn it, he’s right!

So I spent some evenings this week doing chores, reserving this day for fun, learning and adventure. It’s time to dust myself off and go see this big world of ours.

However you spend this day be brave, be smart and learn something new. Happy Saturday, friends!!

2 thoughts on “Adventure Day!

  1. Photos of the East End Cafe are immensely popular with travelers on the National Road. I have no memory of seeing the Pepsi ad, though. I’ll have to hunt it down. Nice pics!

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