The Lucytown Tour

America’s favorite redhead was born in Jamestown, New York. This small city in the western part of the state is where she spent her early years and like many small town young people – she spent a lot of that time dreaming of her escape.

Lucille flunked out of acting school but had a successful modeling career before fate gave her the opportunity to try a career in Hollywood. She eventually experienced fame, wealth and heartbreak, spending her remaining years in the spotlight.

While she visited Jamestown, she never lived there again after moving to Hollywood. However, Lucy’s children saw fit to return her ashes here and to support the efforts that cemented her legacy in the city for generations to come.

In fact, her influence can be felt in a number of ways including a tourism economy built around her name. Everywhere you look there are businesses like hotels and restaurants that cater to visitors like myself who come for the Lucy attractions.

Most notably, there’s a museum that tells her life story as well as that of her husband Desi Arnaz. Here you can see recreated sets from I Love Lucy, view home movies and see some of their possessions like her car and the saxophone that Lucy played in the show.

There are also five murals around the city that depict some favorite scenes like Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory during everyone’s favorite episode called Job Switching.

There are two statues of the famous comedian. One is beautiful, the other not so much. That’s a story for another day!

You can drive past her birthplace and childhood home as well. Both are private residences but passersby are welcome to pull over for a quick photo. I read that someone has purchased the childhood home with intentions of opening it as a museum but there was no activity afoot last week.

All of this can be done in a day and the museum provides a driving tour to make it easier. They call it the Lucytown tour and you can view it here!

Come back tomorrow for a museum tour!

2 thoughts on “The Lucytown Tour

    • You have a good eye! Lucy famously wore a blue and white polka dot dress in about two dozen episodes. In fact, most Lucy Halloween costumes are this dress. You can see it on display at the National Comedy Museum just around the corner from this museum.

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