Root Covered Bridge

Sometimes a community recognizes the historic value of landmarks they have outgrown. That was the case in Washington County back in 1975 when a new road was built to bypass the Root Covered Bridge.

Some places might have torn down this old bridge but they instead had it added to the National Register of Historic Places, celebrating its beauty, charm and value as a landmark. Built in 1878, it was named for William Root and his family who founded the nineteenth century community Root Town. At one time there was a mill, store and post office.

Today, there’s a bridge, a barn and a couple of houses. The bridge is closed to motor vehicle traffic but open to pedestrians. It’s quite scenic and well worth the short trip off of State Route 555, a windy road that is better know by car clubs and motorcyclists as the Triple Nickel.

There are nine covered bridges in Washington County so be sure to check out the others by following this driving tour. Read about another bridge I visited in this area by clicking here.

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