Somewhere In Indiana

I snapped this somewhere in Indiana between Jasper and Danville a few years ago. These towns are 115 miles apart via the route I traveled. In other words, it could be anywhere.

The handy thing about documenting a road trip with an iPhone is that it records the location as well as the image. My fancy DSLR doesn’t do that. This picture came from the camera, not the phone and I failed to keep good notes.

Luckily, I don’t need to go back. However, it makes a good case for my current road trip technique which is to take wide angle shots with my phone and details with the zoom lens on my camera. The camera quality is better but the phone provides documentation without my stopping to change lenses or write things down.

In other words, it’s the lazy girl’s guide to remembering things. I’m not sure if I should be proud of my ingenuity or embarrassed at my poor organization while out running around.

Either way, it works.

6 thoughts on “Somewhere In Indiana

  1. I’m voting for proud because I’ve done that too.

    Now start shooting video with a 3rd camera plus stills and/or video with a drone so there are two more sets of files to synchronize, and then change time zones. The phone will correct for that automatically but the cameras won’t!

    There may be a reason I’m this far behind on some of my projects 🙂

  2. When I take a road trip, I painstakingly add geo data to each photo. I do it as fast as I can after the trip so I don’t forget where things were. Things I photograph sometimes disappear and if I didn’t geotag the photo I will never find that spot again. It is a massive pain. I nearly upgraded from my Canon S95 to the S100 or 105, I forget which one, because it would geotag my images for me.

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