Lighthouse Complex

Anytime I’m near a lighthouse, I have this unexplainable urge to prove I can climb the darn thing. This is especially odd given that I am terrified of heights.

Old lighthouses always have scary iron staircases with steps that have open backs large enough to lose a small child through. There is always something that looks like this that you have to climb through to get outside.

Plus it’s always windy up there and one of the most terrifying experiences imaginable for someone afraid of heights.

I absolutely despise the experience but tend to force myself to do it anyway. Why? I’ve been trying to answer this question for years. I suppose just to prove I can.

I’ve only been up in a handful and have to admit that I’m always a little relieved when they aren’t open to the public!

This is Marblehead, a relatively small lighthouse on the Lake Erie shore. It’s part of a state park with a museum and grounds. It’s just 77 terrifying steps to the top for a bargain price of $3 per person.

Click here to visit their website and plan your trip.

6 thoughts on “Lighthouse Complex

  1. Brandi, I have a lovely painting of Marbelhead.
    The Currituck Beach Lighthouse is the northernmost lighthouse on the Outer Banks and the state of North Carolina, and is one of our family’s favorite climbs.

    • What a nice keepsake!

      I have pictures from Currituck too! I’ll have to dig them out – I was still shooting with film and I’m lazy so I went with a picture that was easily accessible. 🙂

  2. Great photo of Marblehead Lighthouse! That photo could go on their travel brochures! Congrats on forcing yourself, outside of your comfort zone, and climbing to the top of those things!

  3. Great photos! They should be on postcards (do they still make those?😉) I don’t think you’re nuts for pushing yourself to overcome your fear. You haven’t fallen and you got to see the world from a new perspective.

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