Thomas Stairs

I want to climb them just to see where they lead. This is one of many colorful, offbeat things you’ll see in Thomas, West Virginia if you park the car and go looking.

Thomas is a special town with a lot of history and heart that celebrates diversity. I was there last fall when the pandemic was hampering what should have been a busy fall weekend. The colors were glorious and, according to the locals I met, the best they had seen in years.

This area is on my list of places to return to another day. That list has become stunningly long.

What’s on your post pandemic to visit list? Because I need more ideas, you know…..

8 thoughts on “Thomas Stairs

  1. My number one destination, post covid, is New York. My grandfather was bound for there in Oct 1941 when his ship was torpedoed and sunk by a u-boat. He lost his life but 80 years on i would like to complete the journey for him, hopefully finding out where his ship might have docked and going there. Here’s hoping…

  2. Well, I’m into train photography among other things, so my trips tend to be a little “different” but right now the top of the list is to get back to eastern KY & TN. Basically places along I-75 & US-27 between Cincinnati & Chattanooga.

    Also the area around Michigan City & the Indiana Dunes, but that may be doable as a day trip sooner.

    • It’s fun having travel goals that are different than everyone else’s! So, do you look for scenic railways or are you looking for regular active traffic along the railways? I have a friend who photographs trains on his vacations.

      And I’m dying to visit Indiana Dunes. I have a trip in mind for that area someday!

      • Both kinds of trains really. Most of what I film is regular traffic, but I do like the vintage equipment you find on a tourist RR ( and steam is very cool ) and they have the advantage of being able to plan around a schedule rather than just waiting to see what comes along.

        One of the best things about the Dunes area is the variety. You’ve got big city, small town, industry, farm land, wet lands, woods & the beach all within a very short distance.

      • Very nice! That sounds like an interesting hobby.

        I saw something on PBS about the Cass scenic railway down in West Virginia and that area has since been on my short list for the year. There’s a lot to do in that area as well.

        Have you been to Horseshoe Curve in Altoona? It’s been a while but they have a nice railroad museum and the engineering of that curve seemed like a wonder of the world to me.

  3. I am familiar with Cass, but haven’t ever been there.

    Horseshoe is very cool, I think I’ve been there 5 or 6 times over the years. This is a video I did in ’93.

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