Oh, How She Loved To Be Home

“She was an adventurer at heart but, oh, how she loved to be home!”

Truer words have never been spoken. I’m either running around, taking in the world and recording everything in sight or I’m home.

There is no in between as these are my two happiest places in the world.

Today is a home day for me. Chores, a book and rest are all I have planned. Whatever you do, enjoy your day.

2 thoughts on “Oh, How She Loved To Be Home

    • Thanks!!

      I recently heard the author speak about her upbringing and the rationale behind writing this book. Coming from northern Appalachia, I found her story fascinating. She came from one of the poorest places in the country and one that is deeply flawed. However, she was lifted up by those who came before her and benefited from some government/social assistance programs that often are in the chopping block.

      She consequently isn’t fond of this image of poor people pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. She believes it’s the responsibility of those who make it to help those who are trying to follow in their footsteps. I’m about halfway through the book and loving it so far.

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