Little Sure Shot Barn And Birthplace

If you’re making the Annie Oakley pilgrimage to Darke County, be sure to seek out the Annie Oakley Barn mural.

It’s on private property, along US Route 127 and visible if you are traveling southbound. According to a 2016 news article from the local paper, it’s owned by Bob and Donna Peters who have farmed here since 1971.

It was painted by Scott Hagan, an artist who is well known for his Bicentennial Barn paintings. They were commissioned by the State of Ohio in all 88 Ohio counties as part of our birthday celebration in 2003 and he is something of a celebrity for this work.

It took just four days for Hagan to complete this remarkable painting.

Want to see it?

It’s just down the road from the cemetery where Annie and her husband Frank are buried. It’s also near a marker at her birthplace. When you leave the cemetery and head back to Greenville, you can’t help but see this striking artwork.

There is a side road that you can pull into. It’s far less tracked than 127 so it’s safer to stop for a picture or at least slow down for a better view. I continued on this road to a stop sign, turned left to go through a narrow old tunnel and then took another left to get back to 127 – or you can just find a place to turn around.

While you’re in the area, you might swing by her birthplace. The home is gone but there’s a marker and a place to pull over. Look closely at the above picture and you’ll see a large new private residence in the background.

Note that I was there in March and there was no foliage but summer pictures show pretty wildflowers so I’m guessing it’s much nicer at other times of the year. Speaking of flowers, there’s a big greenhouse across the road in case you like your souvenirs to be pretty little living things.

6 thoughts on “Little Sure Shot Barn And Birthplace

  1. Thats a lovely memorial to her birthplace. Pity we don’t have the same level of respect over here in the UK. Some get statues or plaques but most famous people get nothing to remember them by. Strange for a country so steped in history !

    • Maybe there’s so much that you simply take your history for granted? I don’t know- that’s an interesting point. It really is a wonderful tribute that was spearheaded by a community bursting with pride that she put them on the map.

      • I suppose nowadays its difficult to differentiate who is a genuine talent and who is famous for being on a reality tv show. Sdly the public here tend to gravitate towards the talented lightweights because they are easy viewing. Sign of the Times.

      • I fear that’s happening everywhere and in many ways. From reality stars turned politicians to terrible writers atop bestseller lists, we are experiencing an all around dumbing down of our society that’s truly alarming. You don’t need talent. You just need a social media platform and a hook to keep people coming back. Sigh.

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