T. Brausch Studio

One of the astounding things about traveling country backroads and small town side streets is that you literally never know what you’re going to find.

I was in Lithopolis on a work assignment last week. While circling the block to park, something unusual caught my eye but I didn’t have time to stop. I meandered in that general direction Saturday on a socially distanced adventure and swung by for a closer look.

What caught my eye was this striking sculpture on the front of a notably unremarkable building.

It’s the home of T. Brausch Studio and Gallery.

What in the world?

I mean, I adore this little town with its cute shops and spectacular library but this all seemed a bit unusual. So I Googled it.

Turns out they work in many types of art including fine art refinishing and resculpting. They can be commissioned for original pieces as well. Turns out they are known for restoration work in churches far and near.

The Columbus Dispatch wrote an article about them a few years ago. Click here to read it. You can also learn more and see some before and after images at their website.

The moral of the story? Take the side street, go around the block if you must and don’t forget to seek out some answers. You may be surprised at what’s happening in America’s small towns.

2 thoughts on “T. Brausch Studio

  1. Well you’ve done it again! Something else in ‘our area of Ohio’ that I’ve never heard of. You continue to expand my horizons with interesting information and places to go! Thank you.

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