The Witch Rock

Some call it the Witch Rock while others just call it Leaning Rock. Whatever name you use, it’s pretty cool to drive past.

It’s probably a little unnerving the first time you approach it but I look forward to this small joy whenever I’m in the area with a few extra minutes.

The road is Clear Creek Road which leads to Clear Creek Metro Park just off of Route 33 near Rockbridge.

The legend goes that witches gather nearby to perform their rituals. Supposedly, they leave sticks propped up against the rock to warn passersby to move on and to alert other witches that they are there. I don’t know anything about any of that but I can tell you it feels like a special moment driving under this enormous boulder.

Clear Creek is a metro park but the bulk of the more than 5,000 acres here is actually a state nature preserve. There are several trails, picnic areas and a stream for fishing, among other things.

It’s home to Ohio’s last remaining colony of rhododendron which I am determined to see in bloom this year. Plus, there are more than 2,200 species of plants and animals. I imagine that it’s Heaven on earth for birding enthusiasts as there’s a nice mix of deep forest, prairie and a significant water source.

They do have some strict rules about pets so be sure to look into that before planning an outing with Fido.

If you go looking for the Witch Rock, it’s just a few miles off the highway. Beware, there is no parking lot here so pulling over to investigate isn’t easy. There’s a wide spot down the road a ways (I’m from Ohio where we don’t measure in miles so much as in descriptions like “a ways” and “not too far”) but I wasn’t wearing walking shoes and wasn’t that committed on the day I snapped these pictures. I just made sure there was no one behind me, turned on my hazards and held my phone out the window.

Get the details on Clear Creek at the Metro Parks’ website.

2 thoughts on “The Witch Rock

  1. Sounds like another place I must go to!
    I just might have to leave a propped up stick too!
    Thanks again, Brandi!

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