Fool’s Spring

Temperatures have soared and most of the ice and snow have turned to mud this week. I walked the bike path at the lake after work yesterday and was pleased to see so many people out enjoying the sunshine.

Sadly, this is only February and I live in Ohio. Spring has not sprung. This, my friends, is what we cynics call Fool’s Spring.

The sunshine and balmy 45 degree temperatures are just Mother Nature’s way of charming and teasing us with one of her mood swings. Winter will be back so don’t put away those ice scrapers and Bernie mittens just yet.

Lucky for me, I like cold and snow!

7 thoughts on “Fool’s Spring

  1. It has been a nice welcomed break from the freezing temps and snow storms. My nanny kids and I have enjoyed it but we know it can all go away very quickly!

  2. We’ve been creeping into the 50s here – negative impact on the skiing, unfortunately, but nice here at home. Only sunshine in the forecast, but I do hope we get more snow in March! Enjoy your balmy weather while it lasts.

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