Guernsey County Courthouse

Guernsey County has one of Ohio’s most beautiful courthouses. The sandstone building is enormous. It doesn’t just sit in downtown Cambridge, it presides over downtown.

They put on an incredible light show timed with music as part of their Dickens Christmas Victorian Village every year. I haven’t been in a long time and badly need to add this to my wish list for 2021.

If you go, it’s right on the National Road. There are some great shops downtown and good restaurants too including Theo’s Restaurant where there’s no vegetarian menu but a PIE list that will make you forget all about that! Salt Fork State Park is just outside of town and provides a wonderful backdrop for relaxation and recreation. Try the pizza at the lodge and if you go in summer spend a day at the beach.

A friend directs their tourism – she and her staff at the visitors center would love to hear from you. Oh, and if you go, be on the lookout for Bigfoot! They claim he lives there!!!

2 thoughts on “Guernsey County Courthouse

  1. When I visited, I found this courthouse hard to photograph. It’s been 10 years so I don’t recall for sure, but my memory is that I couldn’t find a good angle. This is the best I could do at the time:

    Cambridge, Ohio

    However, the Belmont and Muskingum County courthouses were much easier to photograph. I’ll bet the Muskingum courthouse was designed by the same guy as the Guernsey courthouse.

    St. Clairsville, OH
    Muskingum County Courthouse

    • I looked it up. Different designers but the same era. Muskingum came first in 1877 but that Second Empire Style was pretty popular in those years. I wouldn’t doubt that Yost took some inspiration from Muskingum or that the folks in Cambridge went to him and said they wanted something like it.

      Also, love your take with the National Road signs in the foreground! I really enjoy a courthouse with a lawn and trees but they’re hard to photograph!!

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