A coworker asked last week how I’m doing. How am I coping with the isolation of working from home?

I talked a minute about some logistical challenges and said “but I’m fine.”

And then I giggled and admitted I may not really be fine.

The other day, I heard Scout scooting something across a hard surface in another room.

Then came the inevitable crash. This is common as be loves knocking things down just to watch them fall.

It’s a hobby, really.

When I went to investigate, Scout was already fleeing the scene of the crime. I tend to talk to him like he’s a person so I asked what he had done.

He murmured a two syllable noise that I swear sounded like the word “nothing.”

We have reached a proverbial crossroads. Either my cat has super powers and can speak or I have lost my mind.

Also, if he can speak, he’s a liar!

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