Notes From The Field

I took my own advice yesterday and went for a hike. It was 32 degrees but sunny and the sky was a beautiful bright blue.

Turns out, lots of people had the same idea and I encountered more hikers than normal. This simultaneously makes me happy to see others engaging with nature and irritated that I have to put up with them.

But that’s ok. Sharing is good.

It was a perfect day to be out on my favorite trail at my favorite local state park.

There’s comfort in the familiar. Like this tree that is a sort of landmark on this trail.

Winter provides opportunity to see things you might not otherwise notice. Since the landscape is quite bare, you notice more the few pops of color.

You learn to appreciate the might and will of a tree and the roots it lays to survive.

It’s easier to appreciate the sun on your face on a cold, windy day than on a warm one. At one point I stopped in a patch of sunlight and stood for a long time just listening to the birds. There was a woodpecker high above and little birds chirping and hopping on the ground nearby.

In the last quarter mile, I encountered another solo hiker who wore an enormous grin. His hair was long and wild and he was easy to spot in a brightly colored jacket. Honestly, he looked kind of crazy bounding down the trail with that huge grin on his face.

I spent a few seconds considering whether he was a crazy serial killer (one of those with three names because the worst ones always have three names). But before I could reach for my pepper spray or nickname him Billy George Ray he said four wonderful words.

“This Day Is EPIC.”

And I couldn’t help but agree.

It was epic and I can’t wait to do it again. Hope yours was too.

11 thoughts on “Notes From The Field

  1. Lol 🤣 first of all I think we just became best friends. Serial killer with 3 names. Omg yes and everyone that looks at me, is ultimately trying to kill me. We noticed on our hike a lot of men wearing red. We decided they were all Santa’s helpers! I am loving the roots on that tree. What gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing ☺️

    • Lol. The worst ones always have three names.

      There’s another area nearby with enormous above ground roots and I’m sure I have pictures- I’ll try to share one of those soon. It’s always amazing to see. And it makes sense that Santa’s helpers would need a break and some relaxation this time of year!

  2. When I walk around my neighborhood alone I try NOT to worry about running into a serial killer but my mind ALWAYS goes there, especially when I’m on a desolate back road. I hate that.

    Your pics are gorgeous!

    What do you wear to go walking or hiking when it’s 32F? I haven’t gotten it right yet. My legs end up freezing to death and I’m too hot up top.

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