The New Chair

A comfy reading chair has been on my wish list for some time. I have looked at many in stores and online, unable to find exactly what I wanted for well over a year.

There was one in an antique store, too big to fit in the Nerd Mobile. Then there was a wingback chair I tried on for size at IKEA in Centennial, Colorado. That one was SO comfy, in my budget and in stock at their location near Cincinnati but I wasn’t sure it would fit in the car either. Their shipping fees were cost prohibitive.

Most stores around here cater to the recliner crowd and that’s not what I wanted so I turned my eye to the endless parade of comfy chairs available online.

I had studied reviews, prices and chair designs so much that my social media feed advertising consisted almost exclusively of chair ads. Plus, deciphering online reviews is a true art. Spoiler alert – they’re next to useless.

Long story short. I was starting to feel like the loss of my sanity was on the horizon.

Ironic, isn’t it? The thing that I was obsessing over was the thing I needed to help me relax.

That’s why it came as a surprise that I made a quick Christmas Day decision to use a monetary gift from my parents to order a chair right then and there.

I spent the next several days obsessing over whether or not I would like the thing, tracking its progress from a warehouse in Georgia to Ohio where Fed Ex seemed to play some weird game of hot potato, passing it back and forth between the same two facilities here.

By the time the Fed Ex guy deposited it on my porch Monday I was certain that it would either be damaged or that I would hate the darn thing.

But all’s well that ends well. It’s pristine, pretty and comfortable.

There are few purchases these days that I believe will truly enhance my life. This is one of them as the vegan leather is soft as silk, providing a comfy spot to sit and read or watch tv. It’s also pretty and makes me smile.

As much time as I spend at home these days, that alone makes this chair worth its weight in gold.

While we are on the subject of deliveries, I just want to note what a tough job our delivery people have these days. They’re not just carrying letters and small parcels anymore. These folks are lugging around furniture and a mountain of packages from across the globe. I’m grateful to them all for keeping our stuff moving.

21 thoughts on “The New Chair

  1. That spot looks so inviting. I love that chair! Sidenote my husband is a UPS delivery truck and he said he has never in his 26 years of delivering had so many people order furniture. I guess people are truly staying home and enjoying their spaces!!!

    • Oh wow! Tell your hubby I said thanks for his hard work! It cannot be an easy job.

      That’s interesting about furniture ordering trends. I wouldn’t buy furniture online if stores locally sold a better selection. That said, we all have spent a lot of time at home itemizing all the things we need to improve and we have the world at our fingertips even when quarantined! Lol.

      • He always sees a big increase of large items after the stimulus checks come out. Which means it’s working because that money is going back into the economy. I am loving online shopping which makes my husband crazy!!!!

      • Haha. I bet it does make him crazy! I try to shop local first because I want to support business in my area. Sadly, there’s a lot we cannot buy in southern Ohio so the internet is a gift! 🎁

      • I love that. We have some adorable small shops in our town and i do enjoy shopping there. But i stay away from the large stores and malls these days

      • I always try to remember that those online stores don’t pay taxes locally or donate to local causes in my small town. Sadly, it is getting really hard to buy a lot of things I need around here. 😦

  2. What a relief to have an online purchase turn out so well. A comfy reading chair is vital! So, what got kicked to the curb? Or did you have an empty space just waiting for this perfect piece?

    • Funny you ask! I actually started out looking for a reading chair for my bedroom. Then I realized I had a perfect chair for the job in the living room – it matches in the bedroom great but looked a little out of place in the living room.

      So that freed up space for a great living room chair!

      And yes. It was a tremendous relief when I opened the box and saw how nice it is. Then when it was comfortable I thought I had won the lottery!

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