Scout’s New Toy

Scout got a new toy for Christmas. Unfortunately, he hasn’t shown a great deal of interest in this monstrosity.

It’s a four foot tall kitty tree complete with lots of things to scratch and to laze on.

He was quite engaged as I was putting it together. Here he is before he understood that it was his.

Once he realized that I actually wanted him to play with it, well, let’s just say that he has other interests.

I have tried it in different rooms and windows, placed toys on it and tried to entice him to play.

I’ve even played it cool, trying not to show too much interest. After all, any self respecting cat knows you shouldn’t do what humans demand.

When I put him on it, he uses the thing as a tool for climbing higher and reaching things he shouldn’t have.

I’ve taken to using it as a side table as it is next to my favorite chair at the moment.

At least it’s good for something!

4 thoughts on “Scout’s New Toy

  1. Ha ha Scouty! I read that if we just leave their new playthings sittin around they’ll develope an interest in them but so far its still a no-go for Marilyn and her new mouse and sock monkey

  2. Sounds just like a cat….ungrateful little scamps, that we love! Next year give Scout a paper grocery sack, with hole cut in the end, and see how he likes THAT! (My cat loves hers.)

    BTW…I loved your ideas for January….and the artist you shared the info on!

    • Oh! I am so glad you like Lore! Her work really speaks to my imagination.

      And yes, he loves his paper sacks from Aldi and any box I drag home! I actually cut holes in a chewy box and we have grand fun with that! I did feed him some treats on the tree today. He was happy with that until the treats dried up and then he moved to the floor to stare up at me in utter disappointment. They’re so funny!

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