The Last Live Performance

The last live performance I attended was to see comedian Preacher Lawson at Ohio University on February 7.

It seems like a thousand years ago.

It was a great night too. The comedian was truly funny plus I enjoyed a nice moonlit walk in the snow across the college green.

I had no idea that it would be the last time I would sit in a crowd and enjoy live performance for a year.

The impact this pandemic has had on performers and venues is devastating. Personally, I look forward to the day I can sit in an auditorium or wander through a music festival again and can only hope that these places are still operational when it’s safe to do so again.

What was the last live performance you attended?

12 thoughts on “The Last Live Performance

  1. A ProMusic Orchestra concert, the second weekend of March. I love live music, and this pandemic has been a hardship in that regard, for sure. I, too, had no idea it would be this long and more without concerts, shows, recitals, theatre. Music is my favorite part of the holidays, so my husband and I worked up a caroling set of tunes, and have been regaling neighbors and friends in their front yards, complete with pandemic-themed lyrics to ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’—-

    • I love that you’re making the best of a bad situation by spreading music and joy to neighbors. I so enjoy sitting in a performance space to absorb live music and people sharing their ideas – author talks, comedians, lectures – it’s all my favorite! Haha.

      We can look forward to the day we all can go back to normal where this is concerned.

  2. I operate a theater in Florida. We have opened with very limited, social distanced seating and are just trying to survive- but it’s not the same. Our last big event was Bill Engvall last February. He was hilarious and there is nothing like hearing an audience react to a show together.

    • My heart goes out to you. This has to be an impossibly hard and scary year for you and others in your field. Take care and be safe. Hopefully you can take some comfort in knowing so many of us are dying to line up to sit in theaters again.

  3. The last live performance I saw was Les Mis at the Ohio Theater on Nov. 23, 2019.
    So long ago! A year without the arts is taking its toll on many people….performers
    and observers alike. I live for the day that we regain a sense of normalcy.

      • Please keep doing your blog and sharing your photography! It touches so many people and brightens our narrowed world. Very much appreciate what you do, Brandi.

      • Thank you for saying this Christine. This blog is largely mental exercise for me but it’s also wonderful to know that someone besides my mother enjoys the posts. Lol.

  4. I am unsure of timelines after this long. The last live show I saw might have been Metallica at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indy. We had nosebleed seats and the acoustics up that high were terrible.

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