Denver Adventure

Last week took me to Denver to meet a friend for adventure. This was a toned down version of the cancelled summer trip that was supposed to include a flight to Denver and road trip home.

The road trip got nixed but I still got to spend several days with my friend.

Honestly, nothing about this trip went as planned as Covid has wreaked havoc on everyone’s plans and my friend had an injury that slowed us down.

But I got to spend time with my friend, we ate well, shopped some and did a few other fun things along the way.

I’m normally on the go a lot when I travel. After all, you can sleep when you’re dead. But it was sort of nice having some time to stretch out on the couch with a book, watch a little tv and just take things slower.

More than anything, I felt bad for my friend that her vacation was ruined.

There is no shortage of things to do in Denver so we are already talking about a sequel trip sometime after Covid fears die down.

The good news is that we did enter this adventure with low expectations as we didn’t know what might be Covid closed or that we simply wouldn’t feel comfortable doing because of Covid concerns.

The picture above was taken along a stream near historic Golden, Colorado. She wasn’t up for a hiking trail but we did find a paved bike path with access to the stream so we could safely walk and still get close to nature.

It wasn’t the plan but it was a good compromise that still brought us joy and entertainment. Sometimes that’s what it takes when things don’t go our way- compromise. This is a good lesson for us all to remember as we head into what promises to be a challenging Covid season.

I fear that we all will need to compromise a lot before this winter is over.

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