South Salem, Ohio

A tip from Christine sent me to South Salem, Ohio last weekend. She told me about a covered bridge and a historic academy that she thought I would like. What she didn’t mention is that it’s a quaint town with a beautiful church, cute post office and the feel of a New England village.

I didn’t make many pictures here but enjoyed my brief visit immensely.

This is officially the most traveled covered bridge I’ve seen yet as it is open to traffic along a well traveled road. I saw no fewer than eight cars go through during the few minutes I hung around.

The Buckskin or South Salem Covered Bridge was built in 1873 and appears to be lovingly cared for and appreciated in the community.

If you go, be aware there’s not a great place to pull over for pictures. The side you want to photograph is when you’re entering the village. One house has a private property sign in the edge of their yard where it might be safe to stop – likely because the residents are sick of people like me pulling over for a photo. Another driveway across the road didn’t have any signs so I pulled in for a minute to do my business and moved on quickly.

The alternative is to stop in the road and that’s not especially safe on this side of the bridge but you could get by doing that on the other end.

Incidentally, this is the last remaining covered bridge in Ross County. Thanks to Christine for the great advice! It was a good day.

2 thoughts on “South Salem, Ohio

  1. Glad to see that you made it to South Salem! It is indeed a quaint little town. In a “normal year”, they would have had a Memorial Day Parade, complete with kids decorated bikes, sprinkling flower petals on the graves, followed by an old fashion Strawberry Social at the church. It’s a wonderful community. If you are into history, the Academy may be open on Sunday afternoons, with the local historian (Lew Speakman) available with all kinds of stories! (If you go, be sure to ask about the daughter of Queen Victoria buried in South Salem.) Happy Travels

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