A Walk Around Gambier, Ohio

The town of Gambier is quaint. Home to Kenyon College, it’s hard to tell where the downtown and the college begin and end because they’re so closely aligned.

The university buildings are largely stone and old, in some ways resembling backdrop for a Harry Potter film.

I’m dying to go stay at this cute bed and breakfast. The weird thing is that I really don’t enjoy a B&B as I typically prefer more privacy and personal space than they offer. But I have a burning desire to curl up here with a book and blanket on a cold winter day.

There are some cute shops and restaurants including some with sidewalk cafe space for these warm weather days during the age of Covid.

And there’s an overall sense of civic responsibility and human decency that you often find prominent in a liberal arts college town. Be kind to your neighbor, shop local, be a good citizen are common themes found on many of the posters and signs here. People are also very careful to wear their masks and keep a safe distance.

My brief walk around town left me wondering about real estate prices and wishing that I had gotten my education here. What a delight it would have been to study here!

But that ship has sailed and I can take solace in the knowledge that visiting is always an option!

11 thoughts on “A Walk Around Gambier, Ohio

    • That is inspiring! Good for him!!

      I already have my degree and really don’t need another one. I just enjoy learning and like that campus. If only I lived closer, I would likely be happy just sitting under a tree and reading a book like I did between classes when I was in college. 📚

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