San Toy Covered Bridge

I recently took my parents adventuring for a day. We found two covered bridges that I’ve been wanting to see but didn’t really want to visit on my own simply because they are a little isolated.

Turns out that taking my parents on the gravel, somewhat narrow backroads of Morgan County, Ohio may not have been the best choice.

Let’s just say they prefer the paved roads but they tried to be good sports about the ordeal. As for myself, I thought it was great fun! Pictured above is the first of the bridges – the Adams or San Toy bridge.

It spans San Toy Creek near Malta and was built in 1875. While it was closed for many years, a restoration project about seven years ago allowed the bridge to be reopened to vehicle traffic.

Here’s the view down the road from inside the bridge.

Isn’t it lovely?

I will admit that we didn’t take the best route to get there so if you go, be sure to enter from the State Route 555 side. After you’ve enjoyed the bridge, it’s probably best if you just turn around a leave the way you came.

I will leave it at that.

If you want to visit, the GPS coordinates are 39°37’29” N, 82°01’56” W.

Go and enjoy!!

13 thoughts on “San Toy Covered Bridge

  1. Brandi, you have to admit after we saw the mountain goat clinging to a tree we knew the road wasn’t good. Lol. We did enjoy the bridges and a wonderful day getting to spend time with you.

  2. I’ve enjoyed seeing all your recent “travel photos”! Since I don’t travel too far from home, I feel that you are taking me places that I’d never get to see. Thank you for that!
    BTW…In case you haven’t seen it, there’s a really nice covered bridge in South Salem, Oh (Ross County). The old South Salem Academy Building there is also photo worthy.

  3. Enjoyed your trip to the covered bridges. I like those back gravel roads myself but my friends prefer those straight boring roads. You sound like someone I’d like to follow.

    • Thanks so much for reading! I hope you will follow along or subscribe. I have been on a covered bridge kick lately but write about all sorts of things.

      My favorite covered bridges are the ones off the beaten path simply because you feel like you’re really discovering something. Today, I wrote about the bridge at South Salem which is right in the edge of town. That was pretty special too, seeing the bridge still playing a vital role in the community.

      Thanks for commenting and have a great day!!

      • I love finding those hidden gems, too. Recently, I found an old S-Bridge under the interstate down near Bridgeport. It is in pretty good shape and you can just imagine the horses and wagons with their herds of animals traveling over it. It’s on my blog under S-bridges.

      • I will have to look that up! Most adventure days begin with a destination in mind but it’s usually the surprises I find along the way that are most rewarding. Your S bridge sounds wonderful!

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