White Post

Striking, isn’t it? It’s just one of many pretty small town and country churches I photographed this road trip.

This is in a tiny town called White Post that has a number of interesting things including a restored Sinclair gas station, a couple of churches, and some lovely homes that looked like they belong on a New England calendar of fall foliage.

The town takes its name from a white post located at an intersection in the middle of the village. It was erected in the 1760’s supposedly to point the way to the estate of Thomas, Sixth Lord of Fairfax.

It’s always fun to imagine the prosperity and former looks of a town like this and to wonder how they ever afforded a church so grand.

I have some regrets about White Post. First is that the weather was nasty and the second is that I didn’t park the car and explore a little more. It really was picturesque even if the sky was gloomy.

I’ve said it here before but will say it again. If you have the time. Take the time to look around. It’s easier to do it while you’re there than to go find it again some other day!

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