Victory In Surrender

The final days before vacation can be painful. Sometimes it’s because we work to get ahead so our vacation doesn’t inconvenience coworkers or so our house is clean when we come home.

Sometimes it’s because we are so overdue for a break that the suspense of waiting for said break is almost too great to manage.

I’m officially on vacation now and can honestly say that it came not a moment too soon.

I was starting to feel put upon, irritated by people who rely on me to be the planner or the grown up when they could do things for themselves. I found myself complaining and feeling frustrated about things that shouldn’t bother me.

Our society tells us that being busy is important. Many Americans leave vacation time on the table because they feel weak for taking time off, because they feel judged by a supervisor or because they don’t want to leave coworkers short staffed.

Luckily, these aren’t issues for me. I just tend to horde time off for fear I might need it later, consequently waiting too long to take breaks.

Lying in bed one night, it occurred to me there is actually victory in surrender.

Read that again.

There is victory in surrender.

It is winning to know when it’s time to take a break. Trust your body and mind to tell you when you need to rest. You wouldn’t deny yourself a a cold glass of water on a hot summer day. Why would you deny yourself a few days of rest and relaxation outside the confines of your normal schedule?

I’m hoping to return to work better rested, more organized and less temperamental about life in general.

I know. It’s a vacation, not a magic trick… but a gal can hope!!!

Do you have vacation time in the table? I promise you will feel better after a few days of R&R.

4 thoughts on “Victory In Surrender

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more completely on several levels here, Brandi. It’s quite astounding what a serious public health issue the personal time conundrum is, a major known indicator of deteriorating quality of life for a huge number of Americans. i’m just a lay person but it seems like economists and other social scientists are starting to study this a lo tmore. My s/o is in a high leadership position in her professional life and it has been a big challenge over the years for us as a family finding the right work/life balance. I dunno if we’ve ever quite figured it out. we do the best we can. The time leading up to vacations always seems to end up being the busiest, most stressful periods (and the time we least see her). I hope you have some good time off, rewarding and relaxing.

    I perused a bunch of your essays and pictures in the WP Reader, this morning. You’ve done a remarkable job consistently journaling, sharing lots of great pictures. I saw the recent post you shared in which you contemplated your path so far journaling on WP and I really hope the positive feedback you got, steeled you to keep going. Looking forward to following you. Thanks for stopping by my journal, today!

    • Hi Jason! Good to hear from you!

      It really is a public health crisis but so many in our country wear their busyness and their willingness to work when they’re sick or skip vacations as some kind of misguided badge of honor.

      Sometimes I wonder what it will take to make people realize they are better employees and happier humans when they take an occasional break. I’m sorry that your family faces this challenge because I know how hard it is to have a partner go MIA as they just try to prepare for the time off they deserve.

      As for this blog, I really don’t know what the future holds. I have decided to keep going until it renews this year. There are people who are desperate for a positive voice in an ocean of negativity. Part of me says that I can’t complain about the negativity if I’m not willing to contribute something positive to the narrative.

      Part of me wants to run for the hills and never look back!! Haha. But this blog is a great exercise for the mind and probably good for my mental health and self discipline so I continue writing each day whatever is top of mind and what I would want to read in someone else’s blog.

      Thank you for your kind words of support. I will look forward to hearing from you more in the future.

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