Starting The Weekend On The Right Foot

This weekend began last night with a quick hike at the lake. A parade of distractions, bad weather and all sorts of problems kept me off the trail this week so it felt particularly good to go out and play.

It was not quite sixty degrees and I delighted in the crunch of leaves beneath my feet as well as the sounds of a few stray Canada Geese soaring over the lake.

Fall has arrived.

Soon it will be too dark to hike after work so we must make hay while we can. After months of summer heat, it’s a relief to layer up and breath crisp, autumn air.

Aren’t these mushrooms unusual?

The beautiful thing about living in a place with four distinct seasons is that there are constant changes to your surroundings and always something new to see. So even when you’re hiking the same trail, you’ll still see new things!

6 thoughts on “Starting The Weekend On The Right Foot

  1. Love the fall photos, Brandi. This is the last weekend for summer activities at the ski area, so we’re going to take our mountain bikes up this afternoon. Should be a gorgeous day.

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