Lies My Planner Told Me

If you judge a book by its cover, this book is a liar. Never in my life has a book lied to me in such a blatant and unabashed way.

This is a fantastic planner, a Christmas gift from a friend that I was using to track my 2020 travels and adventures. I spent the winter carefully noting movie release dates, upcoming concerts, vacation plans and even antique stores to visit.

There’s lots of room for notes and even fun stickers to enhance the planning process making it the perfect adventure planner.

I found it while cleaning last week, realizing that it hasn’t been opened since I crossed out a long weekend and author talk back in March. It’s all been down hill since then and the darn thing was a bit dusty.

After all, we don’t need a calendar to tell us everything is cancelled and that dreams will not be coming true. Not this year anyway.

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