It’s Getting Better

So many friends have reached out with well wishes for Scout and myself.

He’s had a few days to cool off and is doing much better. I worked on organization and cleaning projects this weekend and he’s such a helpful (nosy) little guy that he couldn’t resist getting involved. This busyness was good for him. He’s also gotten some rest, calmed down and appears to no longer blame me for the porch incident of which we no longer speak.

He’s pictured here basking in his favorite sunny patch yesterday but he curled up next to me every time I sat down this weekend. And as long as we were sitting together he was purring.

My wounds still look nasty and one still tingles but conditions are improving and my issues will heal. It’s just good to hear him purr again and to feel those soft little paws pressing on my leg while he sleeps.

Everything is exactly as it should be in the world, according to Scout.

6 thoughts on “It’s Getting Better

  1. Glad to hear that Scout is back to “normal”! Gotta love those little kitties. I have four…three outside and one inside. The inside cat is named Meanie, and for good reason. She rules the roost.

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