Every Day Except Today

This is a magnet bought while out adventuring yesterday. I don’t enjoy a lot of refrigerator clutter but this spoke to me and seemed like a good investment for just a few bucks.

Today it’s raining and gloomy in this corner of the world, and while I could seek adventure in the rain, it’s a great day for some chores and perhaps a movie later.

So, to recap: Every day IS a new adventure …. except today. Today I stay home and do regular stuff!

What are you up to this soggy Saturday?

18 thoughts on “Every Day Except Today

  1. Looks like an OLD International Harvester pickup truck! My grandfather, George, started the Arland Motor Co. in the early 1900s and when it closed its doors in 1976 it was the oldest IH dealership west of the Mississippi. Dad managed it for about 40 years. I bleed IH RED!!

    Great magnet. We have an entire room that we call our “Red Room”: Washer/dryer are red, all sorts of IH memorabilia all over the place, small and big tractors, harvesters, light switch covers! I mean it is a RED room!!

    Tnx for sharing Brandi.

    • I’m so glad my $3.75 purchase stirred so many memories and that you shared them with me. What a legacy that your grandfather started! I love that you continue to celebrate International Harvester and your heritage.

  2. Would love a bit of sogginess here! We’re in another heat wave, very dry and smoky air. We spent a couple days camping at a slightly cooler elevation. Our first trip in the new camper van. 😊

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