Nature Doesn’t Care

The human world is in chaos as Covid 19 continues reaching into areas of life that most of us never dreamed would be so heavily impacted. You never know what new challenge lurks around the next corner. At least that’s how it feels.

Maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to nature. The natural world isn’t familiar with Covid and doesn’t care that this virus is inconveniencing you and me.

In fact, Nature continues to operate as she always has. The sun continues to rise and set at the appointed times every day. The beautiful water lilies at my local state park are still blooming.

Clouds drift by on a hot summer day because that’s what clouds do. Their reflection in the lake reminds me of glass.

And dragonflies still flit across the water, enticing hikers to stop and stare.

Mushrooms continue to grow in unusual shapes and colors despite the presence of a nasty little virus in our world.

Trees still provide shade and shelter for birds and other small creatures.

Some even are starting to remind us that there is rhythm and reason to the seasons. Nature will soon work her magic and transform our landscape into a wonderland of red, gold, brown and orange leaves. They will rain down upon us, giving new life to the forest floor.

If we listen, we will learn that the natural world is exactly as it should be despite the challenges that come with priorities humans have imposed on themselves.

Go for a walk if you can. Better yet, submerge yourself in the forest and breathe deeply. Allow Nature to show you what’s good about the world and maybe the rest of what you are living with right now won’t seem so bad.

6 thoughts on “Nature Doesn’t Care

  1. You are a phenomenal photographer! Seriously, Brandi, your ability to isolate the great elements of a photograph are amazing. Thanks for sharing the beauty of nature. We tend to forget about the beauty when confronted with all that is going on in the world. Well done, B.

    • You are so kind Rich! Thank you for these supportive words!

      We are so wrapped up in the bad and in the losses that it’s easy to forget the good but there is much to be appreciated and much to be learned from nature.

  2. Dynamite photos, Brandi! Yes, nature is just rolling along with its regular programming – no news flashes or politics. In addition to my daily dog walk, we sit for a spell on the porch to watch the hummingbirds. They chug almost a gallon a day, so you can imagine how busy it is.

    • Hummingbirds are the most amazing little creatures! I’m glad you’re able to take time to enjoy them and they certainly appreciate the nourishment.

      And I’m so glad you like the photos and message. 🙂

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