Signs Of The Times

Sign messages can be great fun. They typically give general information but occasionally provide profound wisdom and encouragement. For example, the one above tells us that it’s sweet corn season. Also, Ohio is now under a mask mandate so this Somerset, Ohio grocery owner is telling us to mask up before coming inside.

And the local elementary school reminds us that kindness is important. A church in a neighboring town had a good message too.

Live at peace with everyone. More good advice.

So what’s the takeaway?

Wearing a mask is now mandated in Ohio. Maybe it helps, maybe it doesn’t but I fall into the better safe than sorry camp and tend to believe it’s a minor inconvenience if it can slow the spread of Covid and save a life. If you think differently, that’s your business. I honestly don’t care.

However, it’s not the fault of the small businesses and certainly not their low paid employees that you have to wear a mask inside their establishment. I have heard horror stories about bad customer behavior in stores and restaurants across America. So please do all those people who are just doing their jobs a favor and be kind.

And if that’s a struggle and you believe in God, I suggest you refer to the third sign. “Live at peace with everyone. It’s how Christ lived.”

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