The Nerdmobile

The Nerdmobile doesn’t get much recognition but I couldn’t do my backroads wandering without it. It’s an Elantra so it’s too low to the ground to safely take on many backroads but we still make it to most places I wish to go.

Truth is, I’m dying to have a Jeep or something a little higher for my adventure trips. I sometimes pass up an enticing road because I don’t want to tear out the underneath of my car.

However, I like the fuel efficiency of the Elantra and am otherwise perfectly happy with this little car.

In fact, it’s probably for the best there are some limitations to my wandering. I’m just grateful that I recognize them!

6 thoughts on “The Nerdmobile

  1. I like riding higher but the trucks today are huge and not fuel efficient. So I recently bought an older Mazda pickup. It can go anywhere. I also own a nerdy car, a Chevy HHR. Lol

    • Lol. That sounds like a good plan! I only want to own and insure one vehicle and the Elantra really does serve me well. If I’m ever rich I’ll buy a second car. 🙂

  2. Cars the size of an Elantra are in many ways perfect for road tripping as you can tuck them out of the way in spaces larger cars can’t fit into. My former road-tripping cars were a Ford Focus and two Toyota Matrixes and they were just right in size. My current car is a VW Passat, much larger, and there are simply places now that are harder to visit roadside because there’s nowhere to put that car.

    Maybe the trick is to buy a Subaru Crosstrek — compact dimensions, more ground clearance, 4WD.

    • Good idea! I wouldn’t mind having a Subaru. I do like my car for the reasons you listed and while I rarely have passengers, I do like the cargo room in this car. Combined with the truck and the backseat I often look like the Beverly Hillbillies moving to town.

      I’m still smarting over something I had to pass up a few weeks ago because the road was narrow dirt/gravel/grass and rutted. I didn’t want to chance it in my car.

      However, I do like my car and will continue to appreciate it as a trusted road tripping companion.

    • I like the appearance of the Santa Fe but have not driven one. Too bad about the gas mileage but we can’t have everything, right?

      Despite all my whining about the clearance, I do like my Elantra and the gas mileage is fantastic!

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