Chillicothe Details

Earlier this week I referenced walking down a familiar street to find things you’ve never noticed before. Here are some details from downtown Chillicothe that maybe you haven’t noticed.

The Statue of Liberty drew a lot of interest from Facebook friends. I’m seriously regretting my decision to not get a better picture of the entire statue because it’s pretty neat. It’s taller than me and stands outside the Elks.

This isn’t a good picture but you get the gist. I’ll do better my next visit.

Architectural elements, creative signage and other fun details are what makes a place more interesting.

Sometimes it’s just the small things that give character to a place. I noticed this charming little house from the car and had to go around the block to capture the patriotic spirit.

Happy day, friends. Let’s all do what we can to make our world more interesting.

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