Flat Land, Tall Sky Perspective

I come from hill country. Here we have hills and hollers and far more trees than people. There’s not much flat land and the farms are pretty small.

That may be why I’m so fascinated with flat places. The western part of Ohio is very flat and fertile. Here you find large farms and expansive lawns. Everywhere you look it seems people have landing strips for their small aircraft.

One thing that always amazes me about flat places is how big the sky seems.

I live high on a ridge but tall trees block the view so the sky I see doesn’t appear that expansive. In places like Highland County, Ohio and in the western states, the sky goes on forever.

The other great thing about this kind of farmland is the abundance of barns and silos. I saw many on Saturday’s journey and stopped to admire more than a few.

The barn pictured above was among my favorites because of its simplicity. It’s nothing fancy but has been around a long time and looks sturdy. It gets the job done and proves that utility can be beautiful. As big as this barn is, it seems dwarfed by the sky as well.

I offer all of this as a reminder that we all live under the same sky but it doesn’t look the same for everyone. Mull that over as you go about your business today. It can be an eye opening exercise to think about the world from someone else’s perspective.

20 thoughts on “Flat Land, Tall Sky Perspective

    • Enjoyed your Rt 40 comments! Jerry Thompson here. I’m the curator at the National Road/Zane Grey Museum in Norwich, Ohio. We’re scheduled to reopen on July 8. Feel free to call me for information, 740-680-2841.

      • Hey Jerry! You should check out Jim’s blog! He’s a roadie, photographer, connoisseur of film cameras, and thinker. You’ll like him!

  1. Although I love the hills and ‘heroric’ landscapes there is something special about flat country and bugs skys I agree.

    I love that photo, such a fantastic shot and a spot on choice going for black and white – great stuff!

      • You are very kind but I still just point my camera at things I like and click. Lol. Not much art or science to it yet! How have you been?

      • lol! Very much like me then!

        I’m not too bad thanks – still on Furlough leave and have been since March, worrying but I’m enjoying the time off. Other than that things are pretty normal. It’s nice now that the restrictions have lifted that we can get out and about a bit more.
        I’ve been trying to get back into the whole wordpress thing recently and am working on a few posts – I’m pretty rusty though!

      • I wondered how things were going over there. It’s nice having a bit more freedom, isn’t it? Things are mostly open here but I’m still avoid public for the most part, favoring instead some hikes and little road trips with my camera.

        WordPress is still here and we will all be glad to see some posts from you again.

      • lol! Just as well, it’ll take me a while to get back into it 😀

        It is indeed very nice, although like you we’re avoiding the public places and doing exactly the same – going out for drives and doing some walking. We’ve even managed to visit some quiet historic places – which is what I’m trying to write about.

      • This has actually been a rewarding time for me as I’ve seen things that normally wouldn’t have captured my attention, read more, and rested more. Although, I’m still working from home so I have work to keep me busy during the week- I just don’t have to get dressed and leave home!

      • Oh I agree – there has been a lot of positives about all this. I never would have dreamed I would be able to spend thew best part of four months at home with my family. I really feel like I’ve connected with the natural world too – we’ve been getting out for walks regularly in the same places since March, and I really feel like I’ve witnessed the changing of the seasons – it’s been quite a privilege.

        That’s the BEST thing about working from home! 😀

      • There’s something very special about visiting the same place regularly and witnessing the subtle changes that occur daily. Im glad you have found ways to enjoy this season in your own life. Things will go back to normal eventually and we may just miss these days.

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