Old Trucks

Old trucks always activate my imagination. Where do you suppose this one has been?

I prefer vehicles to have much more age on them than this but still couldn’t resist snapping a quick picture during my adventure along unfamiliar roads Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Old Trucks

  1. Love these old Jeep trucks. Hardly any on the road now. I think they were made by AMC? Hope you take more photos of old pickups. I just junked my 98 Chevy truck. Had a cracked and rotted frame, but ran great. I bought an 01 Mazda B series cab plus. Square body like the ford ranger extend cab. They don’t make this model anymore. Last of the smaller truck, so they will be much sought after.

    • I snap photos of older trucks wherever I go. My favorites are 1960s and before. Even dump trucks I find interesting sometimes! This one was parked at Rendville, on private property but I had my zoom lens at the ready. 🙂

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