Beyond Burger

A recent trip through Kroger revealed a refrigerated case full of Beyond Burger patties near the check out. I squealed like a little girl and grabbed a package to try.

I’ve had Beyond Burger in restaurants but never had the opportunity to cook it at home.

In case you’re not familiar, it is a simulated beef that contains no meat or dairy. If you eat beef every day, it may be a clear imposter. However, if you’re like me and haven’t tasted cow in a while, it’s a convincing replacement. The texture and taste are great but I will admit that it doesn’t smell quite right. It doesn’t smell bad – just not right. However, it cooks up nicely with no shrinkage and good flavor.

If you are a beef eater and are happy doing that, say no more. Do your thing. I’m not interested in pushing my choices off on anyone.

If you’re interested in eating less meat, this might be a good way to ease into it. And if you’re vegan or vegetarian like me, it’s a fun way to have something that reminds you of your old life without harming an animal or eating meat.

When I stopped eating meat some years ago, there were few faux meats worth eating. Thankfully, many advancements have been made and the options are broadening rapidly. It’s fun rolling up to Burger King for an Impossible Whopper or finding really good fake chicken tenders in the frozen food section.

This stuff is still processed and not something we should be eating every day but it’s a great treat and I highly recommend giving Beyond Burger a whirl if you’re so inclined.

10 thoughts on “Beyond Burger

  1. Have you tried the sausage ones? They’re pretty good too. I have to be careful eating these because they put a bit of a hurt on my gut, but they are a pretty tasty meat replacement I think!

  2. That’s such a funny coincidence. I bought a package to try. Haven’t yet. Will cook them up this evening. I also bought a package of chili-lime jackfruit, something another blogger has recommended as a meat substitute. I doubt I’ll ever give up meat, but eating less of it is certainly doable.

      • The Carnivore’s Review:
        My husband requires a high-protein diet for health reasons, and this product has 20g per serving, which is really good, but just 260 calories per patty. Good and bad, depending on your needs.

        Upon opening the package, I went whew! smells a bit like dog food, and sure enough, Sterling came rushing over like I had a treat for him. He does not do this when I open a package of ground beef.

        Cost: I get a pound of local grass-fed ground beef for $9 per pound. This 1/2 pound package (2 patties) cost $5.89. I have a “beef” with the packaging, which includes a paperboard wrapper and a stiff plastic holder, plus two layers of thin plastic wrap – much more than a package of ground beef.

        Preparation: I immediately marinated the patties in Worcestershire sauce (which is not vegetarian), plus salt, pepper, and garlic powder. I cooked on a medium heat gas grill for 4 minutes a side (“do not overcook”). Topped with real cheddar cheese and garnished with red onion, tomato and home-grown salad greens. Mustard and mayonnaise as desired. Buns, of course (mine gluten-free).

        Taste and texture: We both thought the taste and texture were good and worthy of eating again. While it wasn’t a true mimic for beef, it could be relied upon for umami flavor. It does leave a bit of an odd aftertaste. I think the Worcestershire sauce and grill make a difference and recommend both.

        As Brandi pointed out, this is processed food, so not the healthiest thing to eat on a regular basis, but probably a tad bit healthier for your body than real beef and much healthier for the planet.

      • Fabulous assessment. I also was a little perturbed at all the packaging. I’m hoping there’s a good reason for it but can’t imagine what it would be.

        Glad you weren’t deterred by the smell. It doesn’t smell like dog food to me but it does have an odd smell that I couldn’t place.

        I had mine with spinach, red onion, mustard, and the most amazing garlic sweet pickles from the Mennonite store. Quite good. I didn’t notice an aftertaste but the strong onion could have overpowered it.

        I’m happy this was a positive experience!

      • I noticed a package of “Impossible Burger” in the store packaged the same as ground beef. I may try that to make chili sometime. It looked more like beef than the Beyond Burger patties.

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