Post Covid Bucket List: Travel

I’ve been allowing my mind to wander toward all the places I might physically wander this year.

I’m supposed to fly to Denver to see a friend and then road trip home this summer. The likelihood of that happening seems less and less with each passing day.

Another friend and I were talking about road tripping to DC this year.

Even if states don’t have in place quarantine measures for interstate travel, I question the safety of commercial flying. Not to mention, will the museums and things I want to see be open?

As a thinker and a planner, it is hard for me to have so many questions that are unanswerable today. Flying by the seat of my pants isn’t my way but that’s where we are right now.

If that big trip doesn’t happen, I’m thinking about some fun things to do around Ohio and neighboring states. I’ll be disappointed if I don’t get to see my friend out west this summer but there will be other trips.

What are your 2020 travel plans?

9 thoughts on “Post Covid Bucket List: Travel

  1. I’m feeling your “pain”! This is probably old news, however, In Ohio there is an airplane patch called “Wright Field” co-located with Wright Patterson AFB. The USAF Museum is located there and it is unbelievable! The Museum covers all manner of manned flight from the Wright brothers to landing on the moon. Pat and I have been there twice, the last time was in 2010 and they were still enlarging the exhibits. If you need something to do while in/around Dayton, check the USAF Museum. Plan on spending at least 2 full days and there is a LOT of walking involved. Stay safe.

    • Hey! I am familiar! In fact, I’m hoping to take my dad back this year. We went in 2018 when they installed the Memphis Belle and had such a good time we can’t wait to go back. If you search my blog for Wright Patterson you’ll find a few posts from that trip.

      Here’s hoping we can all do that soon. Are you from Ohio?

      • Nope. Born and raised in and around Spokane, WA. Been to the UK, Azores, Germany & Japan during my 20 yrs in the USAF. Each year there was a hamfest at the HARA Arena in Dayton. About 25K hams descend upon Dayton the middle of May. HARA shut down and now that hamfest is in Xenia (sp) Ohio.,That’s how I know about WPAFB and the Museum. It seems to expand each year. Next time we are out there Pat and I will go see “The Belle”.

        Fact: Bomber crews from the 8th AF in the UK during WWII suffered more losses than all the losses incurred by the USMC in WWII! And that why we call those folks “The Greatest Generation”.

        Stay Safe and say “HI” to Scout!

      • I hope you enjoy your visit! We were there the weekend of the Memphis Belle opening and it felt almost sacred to stand before that plane. But there were a lot of people too so I’d like to go back and spend more time.

        Thanks for the WWII fact and Scout says MEOW!

  2. All travel plans on indefinite hold. I don’t think I’ll want to fly anytime this year, so that means canceling Argentina/Antarctica. If libraries and archives reopen, then I’ll consider a research trip this fall.

      • Love these photos. Shelbyville has a fantastic town square.

        So I’ve been in Headstones – that’s a crazy little store!! There’s a real neat antique mall in an old roadside motel close to Terre Haute and they recommended it when I was looking for a specific record.

        And one of the people I keep thinking about is the daughter in law of the owner of Lynn’s Pharmacy- we had a nice chat as she served me some ice cream at the soda fountain. We talked about all the competition they face there in Brazil and how hard it is for the small pharmacies to survive. That was when the economy was good.

        And WHERE is the Indiana Theater? That is fabulous!

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