Post Covid Bucket List: Shop For Summer Clothes

I’ve been thinking about all the things I want to do when this is over and one of them is extremely simple. I want (and need) to go shopping for summer clothes for work.

One thought has repeatedly crossed my mind these last few weeks. If I had known my last trip to TJ Maxx would be my last trip, I would have appreciated it more.

This is where I tend to find good deals on cute dresses and tops for work. Not to mention shoes, cute bags, and fun household goods.

I am not a trendy person but tend to stick with more timeless styles and especially enjoy a good bargain.

My summer wardrobe consists of many things that are either too big or too small and a handful of things that fit. It’s time to buy new clothes but purchasing new online is just a miserable experience.

In fact, I recently read a story about how online shoppers buy multiple sizes of a piece so they can try on and return what they don’t need. That’s great except that many retailers throw away the returned items. It evidently is more expensive to pay someone to check the item for quality and repackage it for sale than it’s worth – an appallingly wasteful system that I’d rather not engage in. Plus I’m not going to the office right now so it can wait until clothes shopping can again be an experience and treat!

Meanwhile, I can’t help but wonder – does TJ Maxx miss me too?

4 thoughts on “Post Covid Bucket List: Shop For Summer Clothes

    • I spent the first quarter of this year not shopping so I would have money for adventures later. I haven’t done any fun browsing since last year. lol. Literally. Perhaps we will enjoy the experience more in the future?

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