The Sounds Of A Hike

It is not uncommon to meet hikers who are listening to music. Sometimes with earbuds but often playing it out loud for a group to hear.

To each his own but I will never understand the point. The act of walking through the woods is nice but there’s so much more to a hike than that physical act or what you see when you go.

The sounds of the forest are amazing, especially when you’re close to water.

The birds were vocal on Saturday as were the frogs. The wind in the trees had a life of its own too. Walking near the lake shore, I could hear turtles plopping into the water.

But if you’re quiet, you can sneak up on turtles as they sun themselves on fallen trees near the water’s edge.

Stomp through the woods with your music blaring and you’ll miss all this.

Tune into all your senses – the sights, smells and sounds of the woods – and you’ll start to notice the small details like delicate wildflowers and butterflies, nesting geese and the occasional woodpecker overheard.

Do this and it’s no longer just a walk, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

6 thoughts on “The Sounds Of A Hike

  1. We have been taking walks every day, even though it has been very blustery… still so much to see! There have been a lot of mallard ducks in my neighborhood lately.
    In my area a lot of the state parks had to close during Coronavirus because of overcrowding.

    • It’s so much fun to see the spring changes in your own neighborhood!

      I’ve walked in the neighborhood as weather allows and, so far, all our state parks are open but one. That one pulls in day trippers from the city and was simply out of hand. 😦

  2. I don’t understand the ones who block out the sounds of nature. I love listening for the migratory birds arriving. At night, I listen to frogs chirping and the river flowing by.

    • Me neither. Although a Facebook friend pointed out that she sometimes listens to audiobooks when she walks on the beach. For some, productivity gets mixed in with leisure. This doesn’t explain the people playing loud music though.

  3. I don’t understand people that wear earbuds and listen to music. It removes part of the experience or at least it would for me. But if it works for them, ok.

    The ones I can’t stand are the ones that carry speakers in their backpacks and have those blasting loud enough that you hear them hundreds of feet away. How anyone can see that as proper is truly beyond me.

    • Those people with the speakers are the worst because they ruin the experience for everyone! A Facebook friend wears earbuds when she walks on the beach because she listens to audiobooks. For her, walk time doubles as productivity time and that makes sense to me.

      All I know is that I had a delightful time watching the turtles and that it wouldn’t have been possible without a little stealth. The forest comes with its own soundtrack for those willing to listen. 🐢

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