Morning Light At Shiloh Grove

a shilohWhen your world becomes small, you take more time with the things that you do have left. When out on my Saturday morning drive, I noticed how pretty the light was at this place called Shiloh Grove.

a shiloh 2

I like the door and shuttered windows as well as the weathered paint. Things here are still stark and dead in many places but the grass is incredibly green and the trees are beginning to experience their annual rebirth. The light was warm and the sky extraordinarily blue, accentuating the starkness of those trees while offering some hope that happy skies are ahead.

If there’s something interesting you drive by often, why not pull over and have a closer look?

4 thoughts on “Morning Light At Shiloh Grove

  1. yes you are right we and others had many family reunions hre .and was a one room school many years ago . this whole county was home to me as a chid still have family here .

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