People Watching

Sometimes I wish that it was socially acceptable to just walk up to a stranger and ask what their story is. “Hello sir. You look like an interesting human being and we’re stuck in this airport for a while. Would you mind telling me where you’re from and a little about your life philosophy?”

Since I wasn’t brave enough to do that, I’ll have to settle for making up my own tale. But really, friends – doesn’t he look like he’s been on some adventures?

12 thoughts on “People Watching

  1. I find myself staring at people sometimes wondering the same things. Though trying not to be creepy about it lol! Some people just have a very unique look about them or they just cast a feeling of having something awesome to tell. People love celebrities and their stories. I’ve always thought the average everyday person is the true story of survival and extraordinary things.

    He definitely looks like he’s seen and witnessed some very interesting stuff.

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