Devil’s Tower, Black and White, and Stall Tactics

Weeding phone pictures is a task that I am unapologetically bad at until warnings start popping up about full storage.

I don’t carry a camera most days and instead rely on my iPhone for walking around pictures. That means there are fun pictures of cool things collected here. There are also funny memes, images of recipes and pictures of things to remember. Products in the store and their barcodes save time later but they also accumulate until cleaning house is forced.

At this moment, photo weeding is supposed to be a priority. Instead I’m reliving adventures and converting some western vacation pictures from last summer to black and white.

Who needs productivity when you can have art?

Here’s a scene from Lusk, Wyoming. Classic and western, right?

And this is Devil’s Tower.

It’s sacred ground and it is monolithic. To call it impressive would be an understatement.

Here’s the view from the trail.

It was here that I saw my first Prairie Dogs and, I know how ridiculous this sounds, but that was a trip highlight. Cute little guys, those prairie dogs, but they’re prone to carrying disease so don’t try to pet them!

So that’s enough stalling. Time to resume photo weeding and back up. Tell me I’m not the only person who postpones organizing phone pictures until it’s an absolute requirement!

2 thoughts on “Devil’s Tower, Black and White, and Stall Tactics

  1. My phone doesn’t have enough storage for that. Plus I photograph a lot of books for my research and have to download it all to my computer.

    I like your b/w versions. Devils Tower is impressive. Prairie dogs are quite prevalent where I live. A friend of mine had one as a pet – in New York City!!

    • Oh my gosh! Prairie dogs are the cutest little guys. I don’t think Scout would appreciate the companionship so I better leave them in the wild! Lol. Keeping one in NYC is pretty cool though.

      Glad you like the black and whites. Color is beautiful but there’s something striking about black and white.

      I’m able to just connect my phone to the computer and download everything. It doesn’t take long but I put it off till it must be done. Every time I do it there are promises made to be more consistent but things never improve!

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