What Are They Discussing?

Anyone else remember when people dressed up to leave the house? Heck, forget dressing up. At this point, I would be happy just to make it through the grocery store without seeing people in their pajamas.

These days have passed but this is a great picture. What do we think they’re talking about? I’m guessing it’s not saltines and frozen fish!

2 thoughts on “What Are They Discussing?

  1. My mom and I were just talking the other day about how long it took my grandma to get ready to “go to town”. I bet these women are gossiping about the lady down the road. 🤣

    • Lol. I bet you’re right! I don’t dress up like this to go to the store but at least put on a cute scarf or hat with some nice jeans. Of course, the one time I went to the store looking bad, I ran into everyone I knew. Lol.

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